F L O O R   R E N T A L

Wave Dance Studio now offers Floor Rental by the hour for students, outside teachers, and professional couples. We have two beautiful studio spaces, each equipped with in-ceiling sound systems, EZPlay DJ, dimmable track lighting, and 20FT full-length mirrors. 

Our  Floor Rental Fee is $15 / Hour.

All Floor Time must be booked ahead of time.

To schedule floor time, contact us via the form below, and be sure to read through our rental guidelines.



  1. Our Floor Rental Rate is $15 / Hour : This applies to amateur couples, outside Instructors, & Professional couples for practice or private lesson time. There may be no more than 3 people on a lesson. There are no Group Classes permitted. 

  2. Reservation-Only: All Floor Rentals must be scheduled ahead of time and entered into our scheduling software by a staff member. You may call-ahead on the same day, but no drop-in time will be permitted. 

  3. Room Assignment: You will be assigned one of two studio spaces depending on the schedule for that day & time. Guests are not guaranteed a Private room. Most floor rentals will be assigned to our Main Ballroom. 

  4. Sharing The Space: Please be courteous to your fellow Instructors & Students. This means sharing the music and the floor appropriately. Please adhere to common sense Floor Craft

  5.  Wave Dance Studio and its owners assume no responsibility or liability for any injury sustained  by persons attending the studio in any capacity. All guests dance at their own risk.

  6. We expect all guests to conduct themselves in a kind, courteous, and professional manner, adhering to all of the guidelines above. We reserve the right to refuse floor rental to anyone failing to do so. 

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